Safe Drinking water within reach

Why choose IVO?

Safe Drinking Water

IVO guarantees 99.99% bacteria-free drinking water with its advanced hollow fiber membrane technology that has up to 0.1 micron filtration. Essential minerals needed by your body are also retained, giving you fresh and safe drinking water.

Fully Certified

IVO is fully certified by DOH-FDA, Japan Industrial Standards (JIS) S3201, and NSF (NSF/ANSI/CAN 42). It has also passed the physical, chemical, and microbiological tests required by PNSDW (Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water).


IVO limits the use of unnecessary single-use plastics. One IVO Cartridge (1,500 liters) is equivalent to 5,000pcs. x 300ml bottles or 79pcs. x 5gal containers—all in a small and compact product! IVO helps you save the environment.

Safe Drinking Water at Home

IVO enables you to have 99.99% bacteria-free safe drinking water straight from your faucet.
There’s no need to go out of the house or to stock up on those heavy containers.

IVO's Multi-stage Filtration

Removes rust, sediments and bigger particles.


Ensures that contaminants that managed to pass-through the pre-screen are further removed.


Absorbs unpleasant smells of water; removes the chlorine smell and residual chlorine, and other chemicals to make tasty water.


Removes rust, bacteria, coliform bacilli, microorganisms and microscopic impurities larger than 0.1 micron from your water, while retaining calcium, magnesium and other essential minerals needed by the human body. The same membrane technology is used in the medical field, specifically dialyzers and artificial kidneys to purify blood.

More Reasons to Choose IVO

Say Goodbye to Heavy Containers

With IVO, no need to have those heavy and bulky water containers in your home. One IVO cartridge is equivalent to 79pcs. of 5 gallon containers.

Enjoy Safe Drinking Water Anytime

IVO provides 99.99% bacteria-free drinking water straight from your faucet. Enjoy fresh and safe drinking water at any time.

Water Filtration You Can Trust

With IVO at home, you know and see where your drinking water comes from. And that’s on top of IVO’s local and international certifications in meeting the standard drinking water quality standards.

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